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Congrats to Larry Hiebert and Ron Penner winning the 2017 Senior League B side title.  They managed to defeat Jake Gerbrandt and Isaac Dyck in the finals


Congrats to Ernie Penner and Gene Wiebe winning the 2017 Senior League A side title.  They played Frank Reimer and Ken Letkeman in the finals


A wonderful opportunity for any of the seniors in the local area to come out and enjoy a Wednesday morning round at the Centennial. Don't forget to stop in the pro-shop after the round to collect any of the prizes you may have won from the previous week.

If you have some time after that don't forget to stop in at Mulligans for a nice early dinner to start the evening off right.


Congrats to the Herb Dick and Harv Loewen as they manged to beat Ken Letkeman and Frank Reimer in the finals to capture the "A" side title.

On the "B" side, John Trinke and Kern Baker over-took Steve Dyck and Frank Wiebe.

Congrats to both championships as well as the finalists.  Thanks again for all the support throughout the year!  See you all back next season!


Senior League Roster

Division 1 - Schedule Click Here

Team 1 - Jake Giesbrecht & Bill Friesen
Team 2 - Jake Dyck & Ray Driedger
Team 3 - Al McKerlie & Murray Smith
Team 4 - Gerald Falk & Rab Wiebe
Team 5 - Richard Krahn & Fred Peters
Team 6 - Isaac Dyck & Jake Gerbrandt
Team 7 - Ron Penner & Larry Hiebert
Team 8 - Ernie Penner & Gene Wiebe
Team 9 - Ken Hildebrand & Frank Letkeman
Team 10 - Harv Loewen & Herb Dick
Team 11 - Henry Enns & Al Ens
Team 12 - John Trinke & Kern Baker
Team 13 - Ken Letkeman & Frank Reimer
Team 14 - Vic Neufeld & Marv Loewen
Team 15 - Al Schritt & Steve Dyck
Team 16 - Dave Thiessen & Peter Sawatzky
Team 17 - Brian Saunderson & Dave Hoeppner
Team 18 - Gordon Fehr & Dave Goertzen



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