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Our MorWin Cup points system is back for the 2019 season! As most know by now, the MorWin Cup is a Ryder Cup style match between Winkler members and Morden members.


As we love to improve every single year, we have done a few modifications to the points sytem this year.  The points wieghting system has been changed slightly to put more importance on our Club Championship in August.  Also, this year if there is any ties, the player that had the most points in the Club Championship event will take the countback.


We have added a four event to the points system with the introduction of the new Stableford Cup that will be hosted by Winkler Centennial on June 15th.


With us adding a fourth event to the cycle, we are changing the points format up.  For members that compete in 3 events; all three events will be used for total points.  For members that compete it all for events, the top 3 of the 4 tournament placings will be used.


At the end of the four club events, the top 8 in the points standings will qualify for the MorWin Cup.  The other 4 spots on the 12 man team will consist of Head Professional Greg Hesom, Assistant Professional Matt Loewen, and two captains picks.

The four club events that will be used for this year's qualifiers will be the Men's Open, the Stableford Cup, Club Match Play Championship, and the Club Championship.


Below are the points structures being used for each tournament.


2019 Men's Open
2019 Stableford Cup

2019 Club Match Play Championship

2019 Club Championship

Here are the 2019 MorWin Standings Final Standings



2019 Men's Open


Points will be awarded to all Winkler members that play in the tournament. Points may vary a little bit based on the number of entries.

Place             Points             Place             Points             Place             Points            
1st 60 10th 42 19th 25
2nd 58 11th 40 20th 24
3rd 56 12th 38 21st 23
4th 54 13th 36 22nd 22
5th 52 14th 34 23rd 21
6th 50 15th 32 24th 20
7th 48 16th 30 25th 19
8th 46 17th 28 26th 18
9th 44 18th 26 27th 17



2019 Stableford Cup


The new event will be a single day stableford style format with a great number of points up for grabs.

Place  Points  Place  Points 
1st                                      90                                       10th                                  25                                              
2nd 80 11th 20
3rd 70 12th 19
4th 60 13th 18
5th 50 14th 17
6th 45 15th 16
7th 40 16th 15
8th 35 17th 14
9th 30 18th 13



2019 Club Match Play Championship


Being a smaller 16 person field, there are a lot of points up from grabs.  A first place finish in the Match Play Event will be an automatic qualification to the MorWin Cup.

The Points Structure is as follows:

Place Points Place Points
1st 140 T-9th 20
2nd 110 T-9th 20
3rd 100 T-9th 20
4th 80 T-9th 20
T-5th 40 T-9th 20
T-5th 40 T-9th 20
T-5th 40 T-9th 20
T-5th 40 T-9th 20




2019 Club Championship


The final event for qualifying points is the Club Championship held Harvest Festival Weekend. The Club Championship will consist of the largest amount of avaliable points.  With the tournament have a handicapped flight and a championship flight, everyone will have a chance to earn points based on their total two day score verse the field.  Winner of the Club Championship will make the MorWin Cup team.

Here are the points structure:

Place Points Place Points Place Points
1st 140 10th 70 19th 25
2nd 125 11th 65 20th 20
3rd 110 12th 60 21st 15
4th 100 13th 55 22nd 10
5th 95 14th 50 23rd 5
6th 90 15th 45 24th 5
7th 85 16th 40 25th 5
8th 80 17th 35    
9th 75 18th 30    


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